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John Amaro – Summer – Official Video Clip 2017

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John Amaro – Summer (Official Video Clip)
Music: John Amaro
Produced,Recorded & Mixed by: John Amaro
Lyrics: Stephano Prunebelli
Mastering : Wired Masters UK
Video Filmed & Directed by: Fivos Vassiliou

Press Release:
John Amaro is pleased to announce the release of his new work, titled «Summer» .The track will get you in the «summer mood» right from the start. Its tropical house style , «Summer» is an uptempo song ,with deep house elements working on clubs/bars,but also on the radios and Tvs.

Ευχαριστούμε πολυ:
Μοντέλο : Tatiana Getta
Αντρέα Γιάγκου (Alamanos Trading Ltd )
Clothes & Styling : Penelope Demetriou (PD)
Hair Styling : Παναγιώτης Νικολαίδης (Chenice Berverly Hills)
Pioneer Cd Players & Mixer : Easysound Dj In Action
Φίλιος Δημητριάδης – Aplostra Restaurant Beach Bar

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