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Music/Lyrics by Ian Ikon

Walking down the road
No idea of where I’ll go
Just want to see the great unknown
The only thing I really know
Is no matter where I go
Hidden desires will begin to show

I came across a traveling man
who tried to help me understand
wherever you go is your homeland
Α stranger further down the street
is simply friend you’re gonna meet
that’s why the journey will never end

Everywhere I go
It seems so nice to catch the flow
And I am free you know
to let my feelings start to grow
Everywhere I go
I find another piece of home
And I am free you know
to let my feelings start to grow

Walking down the street
my steps are making their own beat
Take me to where we’re gonna meet
I found you fellow traveler
There was a tension in the air
Again the feelings began to stir

When you call a stranger friend
The winding streets will never end
Treasures can be round any bend
I’m facing you, I see myself
like finding pieces on a shelf
The road of freedom knows no end

2014 Ian Ikon Under Exclusive License To Minos – EMI SA