Billy Joel is back. The American singer-songwriter has released his first original song in 17 years today.

Produced by Freddy Wexler, “Turn the Lights Back On” is a piano ballad in Joel’s classic style. He co-wrote the song with Wexler, Wayne Hector, and Arthur Bacon. The singer will perform it at the Grammys on Sunday.

I’m late,” sings Joel in a piece that can be interpreted as both a love song and a confession to fans who have waited for him for a long time. “But now I’m here, and I’m trying to rediscover the magic that we somehow lost. Maybe I was blind, but now I see you while we’re lying here in the dark. Have I waited too long to turn the lights back on?

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The last original songs released by the American singer were “All My Life” and “Christmas in Fallujah” in 2007. His latest pop song album remains “River of Dreams” from 1993.

I have a lot of music that no one has ever heard,” he said in 2019. “For me, the creative process is important, not having chart-topping records”.


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