In a heartfelt tribute to the late Avicii, Zac Brown Band releases an exclusive remix of their iconic track “Beautiful Drug,” marking the revered artist’s first posthumous release in almost five years. This collaboration between two musical powerhouses not only celebrates Avicii’s enduring influence but also underscores the profound impact of his legacy on the music industry.

The roots of this collaboration run deep, with Zac Brown recounting a promise made between him and Avicii before the Swedish DJ’s untimely passing. Reflecting on their creative exchange, Brown shares, “Before Avicii’s passing, he and I worked together on a song called ‘Broken Arrows.’ And in return, he promised to do a remix on one of my songs” – a promise fulfilled with the unveiling of this remarkable remix of “Beautiful Drug.”

Originally recorded in 2015, this remix was a hidden gem tucked away in the vault until now. Brown expresses the band’s excitement in finally sharing this unique rendition of the song with fans, emphasizing the significance of this momentous release.

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Avicii’s profound impact on the music world transcends genres, inspiring artists like Zac Brown Band to explore new sonic territories. Brown acknowledges Avicii’s pioneering influence, citing the groundbreaking track “Wake Me Up” as a catalyst for his own experimentation with EDM music.

In addition to this poignant release, Zac Brown Band has thrilling news for fans in Cape Town, South Africa. As headliners of the inaugural Cape Town Country Festival, they will grace the stage alongside a stellar lineup of artists, including Kip Moore, Darius Rucker, and Brothers Osborne. Set against the backdrop of Beautiful DHL Stadium, this festival promises to transport attendees to a Nashville honky-tonk experience, complete with authentic American cuisine and Western flair.

Furthermore, CTC ’24 offers special payment plans, making it easier for fans to secure tickets and immerse themselves in this unforgettable celebration of music and culture. As Avicii’s musical legacy continues to reverberate, Zac Brown Band’s special remix of “Beautiful Drug” serves as a poignant reminder of his enduring influence and the timeless power of music to unite and inspire.

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