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Music, programming: Lia Vissi
Production: Lia Vissi
Stories by: John Lundon
Lyrics adaptation: Nikolaos Paravatos
Performed by : Lia Vissi
Music production: Nikos Chronopoulos
Recording: Studio Tesserakto
Engineer, mixing, mastering: Nikos Chronopoulos

Graphic design: Zanina Piliouri
Cover’s photo: Lia Vissi


Ian was a cab driver
worked mostly at the port
Fares from the cruise ships
heading to town center
Little talk with the customers
but wanted to say more
A whole life misfired
and a mind in a shelter

Marion was a pianist
Playing concerts in her dreams
Her music only lived there
outdated ,out of fashion .

Ian didn’t want to come back
He loved her but was bored as much
Didn’t know why,didn’t try to understand
Maybe ran out of passion

An afternoon from the cruise ship
came out a single customer
An adult,beautiful woman
Slim fingers that extended
He looked at them again and again
Reminded him of black and white piano keys
and slim fingers that extended

And there it all stopped
He turned around and left
The city lights through day fog
drove him to the highway
He left his Marion
Threw his phone away
He vanished on the roads
and had nothing to say

Lia Vissi – Ian and Marion – Official Audio Video