Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo kicked off her highly anticipated Guts‘ world tour in Greater Palm Springs at Acrisure Arena, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The sold-out crowd of 11,000 fans was treated to an electrifying performance that showcased Rodrigo’s talent and stage presence.

The concert was divided into four acts, each offering a unique experience for fans. From the atmospheric opening featuring a black-and-white video of Rodrigo to the energetic renditions of hits like ‘Bad Idea, Right?’ and ‘All-American Bitch,’ the night was filled with unforgettable moments.

Rodrigo surprised fans with live debuts of two tracks, ‘Logical’ and ‘Obsessed,’ adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening. She also brought her trademark charisma to the stage, engaging with the audience and even sharing some personal anecdotes, like her birthday celebration involving a gas station visit.

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But the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the performance of ‘Teenage Dream,’ where Rodrigo showcased her musical prowess on the piano while heartwarming home videos played in the background, captivating the audience with a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Beyond the music, Rodrigo also used the tour as a platform to launch the Fund 4 Good initiative, aiming to support reproductive health freedom for women, girls, and all individuals. This commitment to social causes further solidifies Rodrigo’s status as not just a pop star, but also a force for positive change in the world.

With stunning visuals, energetic performances, and a message of empowerment, Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts world tour is off to an incredible start, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what’s next in store.

Act 1
bad idea right? (extended outro)
ballad of a homeschooled girl
traitor (extended outro)
drivers license
teenage dream (spoken intro; extended outro)

Act II
pretty isn’t pretty
love is embarrassing (contains elements of “Mickey” by Toni Basil)
making the bed (extended intro)

logical (live debut; extended intro; on moon)
enough for you (on moon)
lacy (extended intro)
jealousy, jealousy
favorite crime
deja vu (extended outro)
the grudge

Act IV
brutal (extended intro)
obsessed (live debut; extended outro)
all-american bitch (extended intro)

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good 4 u (extended outro)
get him back! (extended outro)


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