In early February, Ozzy Osbourne felt compelled to take a stand after Kanye West sampled Iron Man in a track from the first volume of Vultures.

Even before the release of West and Ty Dolla $ign‘s album, Osbourne explained on social media that he had rejected the request because the rapper “is an anti-Semite and has caused unspeakable pain to many.” Despite Osbourne’s stance, West still used the sample in Carnival, but after Osbourne’s statement, he had to remove it from the album.

The rocker did not regret publicly expressing his disdain for West. “Given the state of things, there’s certainly no need for anyone to incite discrimination. It’s wrong. It’s just wrong,” Osbourne told Rolling Stone, his frustration still evident in his voice. “There are already too many problems, it would have been wrong not to say something about him. I don’t want my work, in any form, to be associated with that stuff.

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The estate of Donna Summer lodged a similar complaint publicly against West, alleging he used “I Feel Love” without permission on Vultures 1.

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