The Black Crowes have released a new music video for “Wanting and Waiting,” the first single from their first album in 15 years, “Happiness Bastards,” which is set to be released on March 15.

Directed by Christopher Acosta, the visuals complement the intense rock n’ roll energy of “Wanting and Waiting.” It combines lively performances with an overlay of animated designs — illustrated lyrics, skulls, and of course, a murder of crows in full flight as The Black Crowes tear through “Wanting and Waiting.”

The boogie-rock kings from Atlanta, The Black Crowes, seemed to make classic rock anachronisms when they first emerged in the early ’90s. Now, they’ve transcended a few times over from the old-school, traversing through the classic rock arc of separation and reconciliation. In 2019, after years of bitter dispute, brothers Chris and Rich Robinson announced a reunion tour. The pandemic tangled up all of this, but The Black Crowes are playing together again at concerts and squabbling with directors. Now, they have a new album on the way.

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The Black Crowes announced that their new album will be titled “Happiness Bastards” and is expected to be released in a few months. It will be their first studio work since 2009’s “Before The Frost… Until The Freeze.” The band recorded the LP with the renowned producer and former guitarist of Crowded House and Wallflowers, Jay Joyce, and country star Lainey Wilson making a special guest appearance on a track. The first single, “Wanting And Waiting,” is the type of funky, hard-partying song that the band has been crafting for decades.

In a press release, Chris Robinson stated: “Happiness Bastards” is our love letter to rock ‘n’ roll. Rich and I always write and create music that never stopped for us, and it’s always where we find harmony together. This album represents that.

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