Rock music enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The highly anticipated documentary, “Hate To Love: Nickelback,” is set to grace cinemas globally for two nights only, offering an intimate glimpse into the tumultuous journey of one of the world’s most polarizing rock bands.

Following its premiere at the esteemed Toronto International Film Festival, the documentary is scheduled to screen on March 27th and March 30th, treating audiences to a limited engagement experience. “Hate To Love” delves deep into the narrative of Nickelback’s ascent to fame, juxtaposed against the backdrop of relentless online criticism, while also celebrating the unwavering dedication of their fanbase.

The film sheds light on the band’s pivotal decision to return to the spotlight after a five-year hiatus, armed with a new album and an immensely successful sold-out tour. Nickelback finds themselves navigating a newfound wave of online adoration, captivating a fresh legion of fans across the globe.

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Director Leigh Brooks and producer Ben Jones, of Gimme Sugar productions, express their excitement for the film’s global cinematic debut, emphasizing the immense personal journey involved in its creation. “We are both really excited to finally share this film with the fans around the world in such a huge and special theatrical event,” they share. “We think their patience will be worth the wait.”

In anticipation of the screenings, Nickelback extends their gratitude to fans and collaborators alike, acknowledging the dedication and perseverance required to bring this project to fruition. “We hope everyone enjoys our story, fans, friends or otherwise,” the band remarks.

Tickets for this exclusive cinematic experience will be available for purchase starting February 22nd on the official documentary website. Don’t miss your chance to witness the unfiltered tale of Nickelback’s rise, filled with never-before-seen footage, candid interviews, and heartfelt revelations.

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